Live Video Fake Toshiba Transistors 2SA1302/2SC3281 info

Fake Toshiba Transistors 2SA1302/2SC3281 This video will help anyone to identify fake Toshiba transistors, and how to split them open keeping the casing some what intact.

*An update feb. 16 2014* I see all the time many people looking to purchase these transistors along with other obsolete devices when there are many newer and in a way better ones around. I have also found that as long as the same type of transistor is used as a replacement, most power amps don’t really care as long as it is a complimentary pair… no pun intended.

Also, don’t purchase obsolete transistors from questionable sources such as fleabay unless you know the seller well. Also don’t trust sources such as Global electronics and small companies that you have never heard of or have purchased parts from before.

Digikey is very good, and you can purchase the Toshiba/Fairchild 2SC5200/2SA1943 pair which will replace the 2SC3281/2SA1302 and equivelant types. For TO-3 package the ONsemi MJ15003/MJ15004 pair are also among the best (even though I have found these faked as well).

The bottom line is, you will be saving yourself the trouble. This video is sort of out of date as well and I know much more now about electronics than did then, I also prefer to work with valves since they are less fussy and are more tolerant of in circuit mistakes. Fake Toshiba Transistors 2SA1302/2SC3281

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