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The Lumix GX9 from Panasonic includes a lot of technology in a compact body The new Lumix GX9 is the successor to one of the oldest mirrorless cameras in Panasonic’s current range, the Lumix GX8. The Lumix GX9 features a 20.3MP Micro Four Thirds digital MOS sensor. It presents a Dual IS of 5 axes that combines the OIS of 2 axes of a compatible lens and BIS of 5 axes. It has a shutter unit that incorporates an electromagnetic drive, which should reduce the risk of shutter discharge by approximately 90%, while a silent mode shuts off the shutter from mechanical to electronic and activates

all sound off. It has an improved electronic viewfinder It tilts upwards 80 degrees and has a high resolution screen equivalent to 2.7 m point and an increase of 0.7x. On the back of the Lumix GX9 there is a 3040-inch and 1240-point touch screen that also tilts up 80 degrees and down 45 degrees to facilitate high and low angle shooting. The Lumix GX9 features Panasonic’s Contrast AF system that includes DFD technology, which allows the system to exchange digital signals between the camera and the lens at 240 fps, which in turn provides a focus speed of 0.07 seconds. It has a wide range of AF functions, including Face / Eye Detection AF, Spot AF, Single Shot AF and Advanced Low Light AF. If you are going to shoot in the penumbra, Live View Boost allows you to verify the composition under these conditions by increasing the sensitivity only for the Live View display.

The 4K video capture is a fact (at 30p or 24p in MP4), while there is also 4K PHOTO. Taking advantage of 4K technology, the Lumix GX9 can shoot at 30 fps and produce images equivalent to 8MP. If you want to shoot at the full 20.3MP resolution of the camera, the GX9 can shoot at up to 9 fps (AF-S) and 6 fps (AF-C). Compared to the Lumix GX8, the Lumix GX9 features an exposure compensation dial and a dedicated focus lever on the back of the camera to quickly switch between AF modes. The Bluetooth Low Energy GX9 to allow a constant connection with your smartphone or tablet to share instant images, in addition to Wi-Fi. The Lumix GX9 from Panasonic includes a lot of technology in a compact body

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